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What Is Sodium Bicarbonate Technical Grade?

Sodium Bicarbonate Technical Grade, also known as baking soda, holds a significant place in various industries due to its versatile properties. This compound, with the chemical formula NaHCO3, plays a crucial role in applications ranging from food and pharmaceuticals to industrial processes.

In the food industry, Sodium Bicarbonate Technical Grade serves as a leavening agent, contributing to the rise and fluffiness of baked goods. Its ability to release carbon dioxide when heated makes it an essential ingredient in the preparation of bread, cakes, and other baked delicacies. Beyond the culinary realm, this compound finds applications in the pharmaceutical sector, where it is utilized for its antacid properties, aiding in the relief of indigestion and heartburn.

In industrial settings, Sodium Bicarbonate Technical Grade exhibits its prowess in diverse applications. Its alkaline nature makes it a valuable component in wastewater treatment, neutralizing acidic effluents and promoting environmental sustainability. Additionally, this compound finds utility in air pollution control, where it reacts with acidic gases to mitigate their harmful effects.

The technical grade designation implies a higher level of purity, ensuring that Sodium Bicarbonate meets stringent quality standards for various applications. Its versatility extends to household uses, where it serves as a cleaning agent and deodorizer, showcasing its significance in everyday life.

As a cost-effective and eco-friendly substance, Sodium Bicarbonate Technical Grade continues to be a staple in multiple industries, contributing to the efficiency and success of various processes. Its broad spectrum of applications and reliable performance make it a sought-after chemical compound across the industrial landscape.

Sodium Bicarbonate also known as sodium hydrogen carbonate is a chemical substance white in colour and its aqueous solution is clear and colorless ( chemical formula NaHCO₃).


NaHCO₃ % 99.1 min
Na₂CO₃ % 0.7 max
Cl⁻ mg / kg 700 max
SO₄⁻² mg / kg 300 max
Water Insolubles mg / kg 500 max
Fe / Iron ppm 10 max

Chemical Composition and Characteristics: Sodium Bicarbonate Tech Grade, with the chemical formula NaHCO3, is a white crystalline powder known for its alkaline nature. The “technical grade” distinction denotes a higher level of purity, meeting stringent quality standards. This makes it a preferred choice for applications beyond the culinary realm.

Culinary and Food Processing Applications: While its role as a leavening agent in baking is well-known, Sodium Bicarbonate Tech Grade’s contributions to the food industry extend far beyond. It acts as a pH regulator, enhancing the texture and color of various food products. Its ability to release carbon dioxide under heat is harnessed in the production of bread, cakes, and other baked goods.

Pharmaceutical Uses: In the pharmaceutical sector, Tech Grade Sodium Bicarbonate serves as an antacid, offering relief from indigestion and heartburn. Its alkaline properties make it a valuable component in medications designed to neutralize excess stomach acid.

Industrial Applications: The versatility of Sodium Bicarbonate unfolds in industrial settings, where it plays a crucial role in pollution control and wastewater treatment. As an alkaline substance, it neutralizes acidic effluents, contributing to environmental sustainability. Its applications extend to air pollution control, where it reacts with acidic gases to mitigate their harmful effects.

Household and Cleaning: Beyond its industrial applications, Sodium Bicarbonate Tech Grade is a household staple. It serves as a potent cleaning agent and deodorizer, showcasing its efficacy in maintaining a clean and fresh environment.


Bulk Density g/cm³ 0.75-1.15
Whiteness % L*= 95 min (CIE Lab)
Appearance Visual White crystalline masses, crystalline powder
Particle Size
+75 micron (µm) % 20-90
+45 micron (µm) % 60-100


  • 25 or 50 kg polyethylene (PE) FFS bag
  • 1000 kg innerlining polypropilen (PP) bigbag

Usage Areas

  • Chemical industry
  • Cleaners
  • Powder fire extinguishers
  • Paper production
  • Leather industry
  • Waste gas desulphurization
  • Textile industry
  • Water and waste water treatment

Sodium Bicarbonate Technical Grade’s significance spans a broad spectrum, making it an invaluable component in various industries. Its reliability, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendly nature position it as a chemical of choice for applications ranging from food processing to environmental sustainability. As industries continue to seek versatile solutions, Sodium Bicarbonate Technical Grade stands out as a chemical powerhouse meeting the demands of a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape.


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